Saturday, February 2, 2008

still with the lamps...

So today was lamp day. I found a local hardware store that stocks basically random bit of everything, and they had the elusive threaded sockets I needed to make my new lamp shades work with my old lamps. I got lots of new connectors etc, but I feel like the whole assembly could be just a bit tighter. I don't know- I might look for wing nuts that fit on the threaded pipe so that I could tighten just a bit more easily on the inside of the lamp where the space is tight and my fingers have a hard time holding the existing nut tightly. Still, right now I'm going to consider this second January Jumpstart completed.

I also bit the bullet and bought the swoopy lamps at Target. I have them up in the room and I'm torn. I love the look of the lamps, but they certainly don't put out the same light as the torchieres. The down light is excellent for reading or computing on the couch, but the other side of the room is shadowy. Of course, in a room this size, I should have more than two lamps, so perhaps the solution is to move one of the Ikea standing lamps to the other side of the room (though I'm not really sure where given the furniture arrangement). I also thought about getting a third lamp from Target to put on the other side of the room so that all the lamps match, but that might be a bit much.

I don't know. I'll try to post pictures tomorrow to solicit opinions. Who knew lighting could be so hard?

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