Saturday, July 31, 2010

I can see IKEA from my house!

seriously. I moved halfway around the world to Dhahran, Saudi Arabia only to discover that I can see IKEA from the front lawn of the compound- how absurdly fitting is that?

No pics yet because I don't have internet access at home to upload them (I swear I'm working on it!) but as expected it is hot and sandy here. Strangely familiar because of my years in Kuwait, but strangely foreign as well because of all the security precautions- I've never seen so much razor wire (around all the housing compounds for foreigners). I have impressions but am still battling jetlag and getting settled into my new job so they are not yet coherent. Expect to be hearing more from me though as I expect to have a lot of free time for blogging!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Making a Move

I've been bad at blogging recently- too much other stuff on my mind. The primary thing on my mind is that fact that in a couple of weeks, I'm moving to Saudi Arabia for two years for work. Though I'm excited, I'm also a little freaked out by the fact that (a) I have to have everything ready for the packers next Monday, (b) life in the Kingdom is going to be much more restrictive than Kuwait was which could make for a stressful couple of years, and (c) in September my husband will make be joining me marking the start of our adventure in living together.

My brain feels like a gerbil on a wheel- I'm getting maybe 3 hours of troubled sleep a night because I just can't stop my mind. I'm sad to be leaving all my friends here in DC and can't believe all the things I wanted to do that I didn't in the five years I've been home. I'm sure I'll be patchy at best for the next few weeks online, but imagine that once I'm moved into my house in Saudi and have regular internet access, I'll have more to say.

Wish me luck- I'm going to need it!