Sunday, January 22, 2012


Friday was a warm and sunny 71 degrees- short sleeve weather to be sure. Yesterday and today? 50s dropping to 30s at night. Wool coat. Scarf. Gloves. House heat kicked on for maybe the second time all year. No heat in my office so the scarf and gloves actually stayed on all day today.

Yes, I know this is not real winter. My last overseas post was Bosnia- first snowfall Oct 5th, last snowfall early April. Heck, we got feet of snow in DC my last couple of winters there. Still, I'm living in Saudi and coats/scarves/gloves are not the norm.

Part of me wants the temp to creep back up. Part of me delights in the chance to wear my winter clothes a bit (especially the super-cute scarf and gloves I picked up at Avoca in Dublin over Christmas). Part of me wants to document this chill to look back on in a few months when our temps hit 120+ with 90% humidity.

No snow here, but still a hint of January weather to enjoy. I'll take what I can get...

Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 Resolutions

but first, a gratuitous shot of NYE featuring my new dress and Brad’s lovely velvet jacket…


OK, I don’t generally do resolutions, but I think I need some structure for my year and so I’m giving it a whirl. 

  • I resolve to be a better blogger as I have certainly fallen off in writing over the last few months, though I am still following and reading all my favorites.
  • I resolve to try to leave work stress at work rather than bringing it home with me the way I have been.  My husband deserves better and frankly our relationship and sanity is more important than my job.
  • I resolve to be more active; I started playing softball this fall and loved it, so though I know I hate the gym, I am on the hunt for other activities that get me out of the house and onto my feet. 
  • I resolve to declutter and start truly culling through my belongings so that my packout in summer 2013 isn’t a complete nightmare.  I have 18 months so I can do it slow and steady if I just do a little every week.

There, that seems like a sane and manageable list.  Wish me luck!

Happy 2012 everyone Smile