Monday, January 28, 2008

who knew I even LIKED table lamps?!?!

I think I'm in love. I saw this fabulous lamp at Target this weekend during my fruitless attempt to buy a shredder for my mom. It was in the new Global Bazaar section and it just made me swoon. I admit it looks better in person than in the picture so if you aren't swooning, I forgive you! I've been looking for two lamps to put on the dresser behind the couch because I think the lines of the Not lamp from Ikea are just all wrong in my room. I am a bit concerned about the light though; the Nots provide excellent uplighting that I'm just not certain these black-shaded lamps can match.

The funny thing is that the lamps I've been redoing are also now white porcelain (long story to be covered another time with photos) and I love them. They are too short to use in the living room, but will be excellent additions to my bedroom once I solve the lampshade fitter/socket problem. These Target lamps are 33" high which will bring them almost to the height of the Nots in the living room, but with much more dramatic lines.

Thoughts on these lamps? They were marked $69.99 in the store which is why they fell into the "think about" category; I just found out online that they are on sale this week for $49 which may move them into the "buy and try" category...


scb said...

I really like them. I don't know how the light will be with the dark shades, as you've said, but I really like the look of them. (And I know that was no help at all, except to confirm that they're nice lamps... ... ...)

Mella DP said...

I saw those too, and they really are dramatic in person. But the black shades will really affect the illumination you get from them. It's a good look, but not a very efficient way to light the room, and I suspect you'd see a big difference from what you're currently getting from the torchiers. But depending on the rest of your lighting situation, they could work. I know if they were mine I'd end up switching out the shades for something less opaque, though it would be hard to match the dramatic effect.

drwende said...

The black shades should direct the light very directly down and up, just not sideways. So you'll get task and mood lighting more than general illumination.

They look like great lamps, and clearly white porcelain is for you!

CQ in DC said...

I'm going to give them a shot. The lamps will take a 150W bulb and I mostly just need light in that room for reading and the computer. If there is a dramatic drop then I'll rethink, but I want to see them in the room to decide for sure.

My mom offered to get me the lamps as a b-day present, so I'll be picking them up this week. I'll keep you posted!