Tuesday, January 1, 2008

begin as we mean to continue

Happy 2008 to everyone!

I'm focused on my couch redo project, and so have been looking around for inspiration and ideas. How is it possible I love both of these equally?

Loring sofa Yellow Settee from AT

Here's my couch:

and these are some color options I'm looking at for my couch (all are velvet):
Burgundy Velvet Crimson Velvet Paprika Velvet

I love the paprika, but fear that perhaps a giant orangey-terracotta couch might be a bit much for any room. I've scoured Fickr for some inspiration; the results can be found in my faves which I've also added to my Flickr links on the right.


zooza said...

I think the crimson would set off you colour-coded book display best. Especially if you had cushions to match some of the other book colours...

zooza said...

Oops. Typo. Your colour-coded...

drwende said...

I'm also leaning toward the crimson, since the color-organized books read to my eye as blocks of primary colors.

Second choice would be the paprika, to no one's surprise. Because your walls are white, the paprika (as the lightest color) will probably feel the smallest on the sofa.

The burgundy is a lovely color on its own, but in a not-huge room with white walls, it's going to be this BIG spot of dark color out in the middle.

scb said...

I'm leaning toward the crimson as well, not just because it's red! As Zooza and Wende have said, it looks as though it will work best with what's behind it -- will it work equally well with what's in front of it?

And with your rug -- does it pick up one of the colors in the rug?