Friday, November 2, 2012

down the rabbit hole...

We're just finishing up a 10 day holiday here for Eid (I took a brief 5 day trip to Dublin in the middle of it) which was admittedly a welcome respite.  Work has been crazy and I am in the middle of bidding on my next assignment (no, I have no idea yet where I'll be going) which has only added to the chaos.  Brad travelled home for Eid to see family, and I was supposed to use some of the time off to tidy the house and generally deal with the stuff that seems to just breed in dark corners.

I hosted one stop of a Halloween house crawl here and so my living room is immaculate which is so soothing to walk into that I can't even explain it.  Of course, it got that way by stowing stuff in other rooms, and now instead of dealing with that situation, I find myself wandering down the rabbit hole that is the internet, following random posts and pictures and threads and sites.  Seriously, my laptop is just a portal into an unbelievably wonderful world that seems designed to simply suck time from me.

Nothing life altering here, except that in my wanderings online I found this picture from Elle Decor:

which speaks to my desire to do something different with the glass door cabinet I inherited from an elderly neighbor that I use to store my DVDs.  I wrote about cabinet over on Apartment Therapy a couple of years ago, and have always been on the lookout for another solution with more color and pattern.

Now of course I'm scouring the internet for inexpensive fabric or paper that can give me that same feel without spending a fortune.  And so the trip down the rabbit hole continues...

edited to add:
Here is another picture of the inspiration cabinet with a less chaotic background.  I really really like it...

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