Sunday, March 6, 2011

Ah the joy of vacation!

Not a blog vacation (though that appears to have happened without any planning or thought on my part) but a real vacation- a week in Rome to be precise. You may have noticed that things in my part of the world have been heating up lately, and so a week out of the region was a delight. Brad and I ate and walked our way around teh city for 7 full days of glorious unplugged vacation. It has been years since I took such a trip, and helped remind me of why I love this life I lead, helpful given the way work has been going lately.

I've been bad at blogging because there is just so much else going on and because I have someone to come home to at night that occupies my time. I'm trying to settle into a routine but keeping up with AT and Facebook and LibraryThing and book reviews and blogging is just overwhemling some days when I've already spent 9+ hours staring at a computer screen. Perhaps I just need a schedule, a day a week when I post here, a different day when I do book's a thought. I may try to implement it. But not yet as I'm still basking in that vacation glow...

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Alana in Canada said...

I couldn't comment reliably for the longest time, so I'm sorry I didn't congratulate you on your trip earlier!

There's a time for blogging--and a time for hanging out with hubby and relaxing. Enjoy this time! We'll see ya when we see ya. Take good care of yourself over there, 'kay?!