Monday, October 1, 2007

progress, ever progress

My "frantic clean up before the family descends on Friday night" contiunes apace, and this weekend was surprisingly productive despite the fact that Sunday was the 2nd anniversary of my father's death. All painting in my mom's house is finished, and the bathroom is done (except for the deep-clean she has planned for tomorrow). We got frames for the artwork mom wants to hang in her room; they look wonderful and are ready to be hung tonight. My clean laundry situation is being addressed, and so my living room should return to normal by tomorrow evening at the latest.

We've gotten 32 "yes" RSVPs and are still waiting to hear from another 18 invitees, so the party on Saturday should be a big success (though goodness knows what I'm going to wear!) My mom continues to have no idea that her siblings are heading out here- I'm hoping the surprise will make all this absurd housework worth it in the end. Note to self- the next time you decide to undertake a total redo of someone else's space, don't also plan a huge surprise party and visit to take place in said space!

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Alana in Canada said...

It sounds like it will be totally worth it for your Mom. What a wonderful thing you're doing for her! Glad to hear your own place is continuing to be "cured." I'm sure it'll be in great shape for your guests.