Saturday, October 6, 2007

phase 1 complete

Family all arrived safely last night and mom was delighted and surprised! Now if we can only keep the party a secret for the next 10 hours...

In the meantime, I thought I would share more pics of mom's house.

the framed pen and inks my sister made:

the framed calendar pages showing aerial views of Dublin:

the newly green room as a whole:

The green was chosen to coordinate with the window treatments which, while not my cup of tea, make my mother very happy. We also pulled up very old, creamy white wall-to-wall carpeting in that room; the hardwood floors are a definitely improvement despite their age. The family was all very complimentary and I like that my Mom has a new room because she's been in a bit of a rut since my dad passed away two years ago.

I'll post some pictures of the party later this weekend. Hope everyone is having a happy Saturday!


Mella DelPantano said...

Wonderful. Those drawings are lovely. Good luck with the party.

drwende said...

All the progress is fabulous, from the brass hardware forward!

Alana in Canada said...

Great job. The pictures are wonderful. The green--well, whatever makes your Mom happy. Thanks for taking the time to post. It must be busy busy there this weekend. Have fun!

smallcitybeth said...

This is all so wonderful -- and I'm glad your mom was happy and surprised. Have a great party, and a super time visiting!!!