Monday, September 24, 2007

Outer Mongolia off the table

OK, so I am no longer planning to move to Outer Mongolia (at least not this week!) After Friday night's debacle, I was ready to head out, but thankfully the rest of the weekend projects went much much better. How much better you ask?

1) Touched up the green paint my mom's room (ceiling painters managed to get white on the top of the wall despite the tape and paper I put up)

2) Painted black stripe in window trim in bathroom. This project was a mixed success- the line isn't as crisp in places as I would like, but I discovered I can easily touch it up by hand so I'm counting it as a positive.

3) Stripped many layers of paint off of old face plates on half of the doors and light switches in the apartment. My mom and I were delighted to discover that the old plates are a wonderful brass; they were polished up and are ready to be re-installed.

4) Stripped off many layers of old paint on mom's closet door, including the chunky lip that obviously was the result of the door being painted when shut then forced open. The door has been primed and is ready to be painted this evening as soon as I plane away one small area that always sticks.

5) Stripped off many layers of old paint on half the door hinges in the apartment. Again delighted to discover beautiful old brass. Doors have been rehung to make painting easier; hinges will be well taped to prevent paint transfer onto their newly discovered finish.

6) Hung two newly framed pen-and-inks done by my sister many years ago that my mom has been wanting to display for ages.

I'll post some pics later to track the progress. Mom's place should be done by Thursday night at the latest, leaving me Friday/Saturday/Sunday to focus on my house (thank goodness I don't have to work this Friday).

Thanks for all the support and offers of assistance; just knowing other people are pulling for me while undergoing their own house-trials makes it all easier. That, and a nice glass of wine whenever I finish a big project!


Mella DelPantano said...

So good to hear things are going better! And good job - sounds like you're making great progress.

smallcitybeth said...

This is wonderful -- and what a delight to discover all that brass! I'm so glad things are working out. Your mom's place is going to be lovely (you should get extra points for doing two cures in one!)

Alana in Canada said...

Wow. That is a lot of work!
We'll have to send you a case of wine for your own place this weekend!