Friday, November 4, 2011

my terrible, horrible, no good, very bad bedrooms…

oh the shame…

I took these pictures yesterday afternoon to serve as my before pictures.  Even knowing that we will never have guests here in Saudi, this state of affairs is terrible.  Between the tubs of Christmas decorations, the stacks of empty boxes, the Welcome Kit stuff that needs to be returned to work, the piles of clothes to donate, and the boxes that haven’t been unpacked since I arrived, these two rooms are a disaster.

Red circles= empty boxes
Yellow circles= clothing to be donated
Fuchsia circles= Welcome Kit stuff to be returned
Aqua circle= clothing to be sent to my sister

(excuse the weird curves- these are merged from several individual pictures)


GuestBedroomMerge for blog

I focused on the back bedroom (the first picture) because it is the bigger room and the one I thought would be easier to deal with despite its size.  The smaller second bedroom is the one where my cleaning lady just dumps anything she isn’t sure how to handle and so it is full of just random stuff (and as you can see) empty boxes. 

That said, did take a few minutes to clear the empty boxes out of the smaller bedroom which made an immediate improvement as pictured below.  I don’t have any pictures of the bigger back bedroom because I kept working until after the sun set and so the lighting made it impossible.  I am about halfway through that room which makes me happy- I intend to finish it tomorrow and then hopefully still have time to work on the second smaller bedroom as well.



scb said...

Wow, well done already on the smaller bedroom!

You will inspire me to keep working on my storage room. I tend to look in and then run the other way.

Alana in Canada said...

These will be great rooms once you're done. The great thing is--it seems you've made all the decisions--it's just the action which needs to happen--and it is! Hooray! Keep chuggin.