Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snowpocalypse II: I mean, really?!?!?!

so just to be clear folks, DC is being hammered by snow right now with possible accumulations of 20-36 inches. In DC. A swampy Southern city that generally averages 15 inches per season. We've already had a 22" storm in Dec and a 5" storm last week, so we are on track for a record winter. Oh and yeah, it might snow again later next week.

I mean, I like snow. I would certainly prefer snow on a Monday night rather than a Friday night, but I lived in Bosnia for two years and so I know from snow. But the reality is folks here are freaking out, the grocery stores are stripped, the Metro and buses aren't running, and no one is capable of navigating the roads in these conditions. Plus, DC is about out of snow removal money because of that absurd Dec storm. The 5" earlier this week? They just let that melt because the temperature was on the rise. Since we still have piles of unmelted snow from the Dec storm (those piles from the plows are dense it seems), I for one am not sanguine about the efficacy of the melting plan this time around.

Worst thing of all from my perspective? All this excellent cuddle up weather is being wasted because Brad is on FL packing up the house, so I'm sitting alone on my couch staring at the raging blizzard outside. I need a drink!


drwende said...

Yikes! Yeah, I'd been wondering about DC, where people don't have snow skills. Two feet overnight brings Minneapolis to its knees.

Stay warm and relax!

LOJO said...

eek. Sorry about the snow. I've been watching it on the tv. At least it's pretty right now!