Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I love you Clinton Kelly!

I received a copy of Clinton Kelly's new book to review and it is Freakin' Fabulous! How can you not love a book where lifestyle advice includes "How to Speak" as well as "How to Dress"?

For my WT buddies, I share a favorite quotation:

"You will never be fabulous without fabulous footwear. How does one recognize a fabulous pair of shoes? It's difficult to explain exactly. For me, it's instinctual and very visceral. When I see a fabulous pair of shoes, a little shiver of happiness runs through me, kind of like that first second after you snort a crushed-up baby aspirin."

1 comment:

Christine in DC said...

Ha! I'm going to have to put down "snorting baby asprin" as something to try!