Friday, June 13, 2008

my joy knows no bounds!

I was cleaning up the My Documents folder on my computer when I found a real gem. Back in Bosnia, my friend Amy and I were goofing around one day and decided to write a trashy romance novel in our spare time at work (waiting for cable clearances late on a Friday night can make you a bit punchy). We bounced it back a forth a few times writing alternate paragraphs and having a blast- we defined it as "gothic vampire porn" and knew it would be an instant bestseller is we ever actually managed to get it finished. We left post in summer 2005, and I thought we had lost our only copy of this masterpiece, until I found it buried under a strange name on my hard drive this evening. I read it (all four pages) and laughed my ass off. She's in Kosovo now, and I'm sending it to her tomorrow because I can see that it is her turn to write a paragraph or two.

If we ever get a whole chapter together, I'll certainly share. We're calling it Tender Mercies and it features a guy, a girl, a murder mystery, and an alternative Davenport, Iowa that is the heart of the study of the Dark Arts in the U.S. 'Nuff said!

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drwende said...

Omigawd, you MUST share this.

I was joking for a while that if I couldn't survive in the investment field, I'd write a novel about a gal who's an investment adviser to the undead. Vampires really need the benefit of compound interest.