Friday, April 18, 2008

ATDC mentioned in Washington Post online discussion

hee hee- we made the Home Front discussion here. A friend of mine sent me the link because it cited my post on Finials- what a nice Friday afternoon surprise!

relevant excerpt from discussion linked above:
DC: Can I put in a plug for a website to which I have become addicted, but have no affiliation (darn!). I am HOOKED on, which recently added a DC blogger to its NY, SF, Chicago team. The site is updated all the time, and also has a sister site, which focuses on green living. One of the new DC bloggers put up a post about a consignment store literally a mile from my house (where I've lived for nine years), which I had never heard of!!
Jura Koncius: Could you share the name of that consignment store with us please...

DC consignment store: It's Finial's Antiques, on Livingston St, near Chevy Chase Circle.
Jura Koncius: Oh yes. That isn't really a consignment store, although they may take a few things on consignment. They sell old things they take a fancy too and sometimes refinish or paint. It's a wonderful source. 3813 Livingston St. NW. And if you go there, also go to Periwinkle a few doors down which has adorable hostess gifts, candy and stationery.

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Christine in DC said...

Awesome--I never see that chat. I still want to check out that place...I never knew it existed either! (Of course, I don't get up that way all that often!)