Saturday, March 8, 2008

a productive project-filled weekend...for other people...

I've been going all weekend on housey projects, but none of them have been for my house! My mom's new blinds arrived (a full weekend before they were expected- wowsa 3 Day Blinds) so I spent Friday night taking down the old decrepit shades that have been up for at least 15 years, and putting up the fabulous new ones. They have a faint scroll work white-on-white pattern that really makes them look wonderful on the windows. My mom is thrilled, and so I am since I basically twisted her arm to make a final decision and to buy them!

Old Shades:
old decrepit blinds

New Shades (sheer curtains are normally pulled across in front of blinds):
the windows as a whole

Close-up of Pattern (with light coming in from outside through the blind):
pattern 1

I spent Saturday working on a project for my sister. For years she has been displaying her jewelry on a large corkboard hung on the wall. Unfortunately, the corkboard recently gave up the fight and so we've been talking through ways to improve upon the same basic idea. We bought a large silver Ribba frame at Ikea, took out the plastic, cut down white foamboard inside, covered the foam with a lovely white on white flowered cotton, and rigged a mirror in another Ribba frame to hang in the center. Looks easy, sounds easy, took most of the day!

new jewelry display board

hmmm...I wonder if I'm just putting off cleaning my room and doing my laundry? ;-)


scb said...

The new shades are beautiful! And so is the jewelry frame-thing. Well done! (Even if it *was* someone else's projects.)

woodley park-zoo said...

Ooo, that's very cool with the mirror and everything! I only wish I actually *had* jewelry that needed display. ;)

Thanks for the comment over at my blog and yes, I'd love to be added to your list for meetup!

lorijo said...

very, very nice!

Alana in Canada said...

Ratty old blinds are one of those things you don't think you notice. So, good for you and your mom. Those new ones are lovely.