Wednesday, May 16, 2012

catching up, after a fashion...

I've been gone for a while- work has been crazy and then I got to go home for two weeks for training and vacation.

 The picture above is from my 20 year high school reunion which just happened to providentially fall when I was home for class- that is 4 of the 6 people who made up my group in high school and it was great to see them back at our old stomping grounds. We had a class of 55 and my group gets together (usually in pairs but sometimes in larger bunches) fairly regularly but it was still a great night and I think we all look pretty good!

I'm back in Saudi now and the heat has certainly started with a vengeance. Between that and the jet-lag, I've been a bit out of things for a week but have high hopes this weekend will help me get back on track.

 My sister and I came up with a manageable plan to help me get started on cleaning and organizing this large house to winnow down before my packout in 12 months. She and my mom are coming out to visit in December for the holidays so I have to get those guest rooms in order to give them a place to stay!