Saturday, January 22, 2011

Thank goodness for IKEA!

So this past weekend I tackled the ugly guest bathroom- you can read about the project over on Apartment Therapy DC to get a full flavor for the before, but the after is pictured above. The sham in the window us just until I can find the box with curtains in it, but that window faces the front of the house and we have armed guards patrolling the compound 24/7 so some kind of window covering is essential.

I like the way the blue works with the tiles, and though I know it isn't terribly sophisticated, I'm not sure sophisticated was an option with those ugly tiles!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

why in the name of all that is holy

did someone make these design choices for my guest bathroom? pinky-brown shower tiles and a plastic shower curtain on the window? REALLY?

Finding a shower curtain to work with those tiles should be a joy, not to mention replacing that idiotic cut-off plastic shower curtain with some kind of presentable window treatment since that window faces the front of the house and does not have privacy glass. Calgon, take it away...